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Nitra City Park: a snowing day in Nitra

A snowy day could easily be taken by a feeling of laziness, with a movie and popcorn under a blanket. But it can also be a […]
bryndzove halusky

Bryndzové halušky recipe

What’s halušky? If you are traveling through Slovakia and you want to eat a typical slovak meal, you should order some “halušky”. Halušky originates from the […]

Pills of culture of Nitra

History Having been settled for 6,000 years, Nitra is home to immense history and tradition. With cultural influences and rulers varying from Germanic tribes to Celts […]

Legends and curiosities of Nitra

The headless monk This is one of the oldest legends here. In the Upper Town of Nitra, locals know and fear the hauntings of a headless monk. […]

Nightclubs of Nitra

Whatever you’re looking for here in Nitra, you can find it. Whether you want to sit down and chat in a cozy pub, enjoy the atmosphere […]

Nitra Top 10 Things to do

1. Check out the Photogallery Trafačka Along the road leading you to the city centre, stands Trafačka, instantly recognizable due to its ivy-covered façade. The building, […]
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