Nitra City Park: the snowing winter of Nitra

A snowy day could easily be taken by a feeling of laziness, with a movie and popcorn under a blanket. But it can also be a very fun day at Nitra City Park (Nitriansky Mestský Park). Wear your warmest and most comfortable winter clothes, and departing from the Nitra Glycerin, take the Bratislavská road in the right direction and enjoy the view of the river towards the Parkové Nábrežie, a beautiful tree-lined road. Within a few minutes you will be at the Nitra City Park.

With 200,000 square meters, the park is located in the northwestern part of the old city and consists of three parts: the Ancient Park of Sihot’, the central part called Connection Park and the southern part called New Park. The oldest part of the park is called Old Park Sihoť. This northernmost part of the park was founded in the mid-nineteenth century and features playgrounds, climbing frames, and many other attractions for children. In the southern part, called New Park, there are two lakes: the Great Hangok and Little Hangok. The lake connects to a small stream crossed by an arched wooden bridge. The lakes are the favorite places for fishermen.

In the middle part of the park, there is a summer pool that in winter is completely frozen. From that point, you have a view of Nitra Castle, plus a lush landscape with lots of trees and snow, lots of snow! In the early afternoon, when students are leaving their schools, it is very common to witness wars of snowballs and sculptures of snowmen. Awaken your childish side and enter playfully as well.

The fun in Nitra City Park is guaranteed any time of the year and is well worth knowing!