Nitra Top Ten things to do

1. Check out the Photogallery Trafačka

Along the road leading you to the city centre, stands Trafačka, instantly recognizable due to its ivy-covered façade. The building, a former substation, was renewed as a photogallery, founded by a photographer from Nitra, František Kolář. Now it is a space where exhibitions, courses, and workshops all take place regularly.
But Trafačka isn’t limited to photography, it is also a place for music, with acoustic folk music resonating between the walls whenever a concert is organized. You’ll find yourself right at home in this cozy place, with good taste and a unique atmosphere.
You can try some healthy homemade food, or drink coffee, beer or try some speciality tatratea.

Address: Janka Kráľa 65, 94901 Nitra

2. Eat Palačinka at Hami Papi

In this humble, old-style heaven of fast food, you can find fantastic hamburgers, pizzas, and kebabs for a good price.
If you have a sweet tooth, you have to try the very thing this place is famous for its palačinka, a thin pancake generously filled with curd, jam, or chocolate.

Address: JFraňa Mojtu 275/10, 94901 Nitra

3. Read a book at Antikvariát

For fervent readers, coffee addicts, and old book lovers, Antikvariát is the place to go. You can spend hours on one of their comfortable couches, or outside in the sun of its flowery terrace on a beautiful pedestrian street of the city centre.
Good quality coffee awaits you here, as well as the most delicious homemade pies and cakes, all served by smiling, relaxed staff in an atmosphere as comfortable as your living room at home.
In the back, you can browse, read, and buy all kinds of second hand books.

Address: Antikvariát, Kupecká 1353/8, 94901 Nitra

4. Taste tea in Bonsai Slovakia

A vast, peaceful space where you can try an impressive variety of teas from all over the world, whilst enjoying the sight of beautiful pottery on the infinite shelves lining the walls.
A green atmosphere lingers here, not only because of the tea, but because of the beautiful bonsai plants keeping you company while you sip subtle and properly prepared tea.

Address: Pri synagóge 1387/3, Staré Mesto, 94901 Nitra

5. Escape from Paniq room

If you’re looking for thrills in Nitra, look no further than Paniq Room. Trapped in a room with your friends, you have to solve puzzles and follow clues in order to figure out how to escape!
A captivating backstory and design will certainly make you regret solving the puzzle, escaping the room, and finishing the game in the end!

Address: Novozámocká 118/224, 94905 Nitra

6. Have a drink in a local pub


This is a very cool local pub to have a drink (or two, or three) whilst listening to punk or reggae music, surrounded by a good crowd.
Mariachi is loved for its green walls, high iron stools and retro posters of old, famous and great bands. Inside, you can meet sociable locals hanging out, sipping their beer and listening to live music.
This is an authentic, not-so-touristic place!

Address: Farská 1, 94901 Nitra

Hemingway bar

Here you can find tropical cocktails, the finest and oldest rums, and high quality coffee.
You can even enjoy a real Cuban cigar whilst listening to latino music in a warm, muted atmosphere. Coffee lovers in particular will appreciate the variety of coffee blends from plantations in Ethiopia, Brazil, and Guatemala.

Address: Mostná 32, 94901 Nitra

7. Watch an Ice Hockey game

If you enjoy watching a good hockey match, you will definetely have to go and support Nitra’s team: HK. It is known to be one of the best in Slovakia, and its fan figure among the most passionate ones in the country, regularly fulfilling Nitra Arena.
If you find the city center oddly deserted, that will be because a game is on that night! You should then enter a pub and join the hectic crowd in front of the TV and a Slovak beer, if you are not already on your way to the arena.

Address: Nitra Aréna, Jesenského, 94901 Nitra

8. Hang around the local market

Nitra’s old covered market is a good place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables on a sunny Saturday, and it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying seeds and flowers from the smiling, endearing old ladies wrapped up in their colorful shawls.
The galleries surrounding the square of the covered market are filled with shops selling clothes, second hand CDs and vinyls, gardening tools and other random things for cheap prices. In the cafés and canteens, you will sit next to workers on their break.

Address: Mestská tržnica v Nitre, Štefánikova trieda 50, 94901 Nitra

9. Attend a fair at Agrokomplex

Many exhibitions and fairs take place at Agrokomplex all year long. If you are interested in gardening, eco-building, or engineering, you should check out their calendar of trade fairs and events.
You will find events about many different things, such as dogs, gliding, beekeeping or farming.

Address: Výstavná 654/4, 94901 Nitra - Chrenová